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Thread: My Wish list

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    Default My Wish list

    I wonder if it is possible to add a checkbox to the stash window to toggle between stash as a list and stash with tabs.
    Why? : because some prefer list and some tab. Why don’t make us all happy?

    Also it would be great to have a options to toggle a in game screenshot button.
    Why? : I now have to press power button and back button at the same time. this results in getting a screenshot of the previous window.

    And if possible could you add a option to lock some camera axis.
    Why? : I canīt run like I did in the past. I turned my camera left or right and run in circles. But with new camera movement, I canīt because the camera always moves up or down while doing so.

    Is it possible to add a option to disable the display of titles.
    Why? : I looks to crowded in base. Especially on small screens.

    Also I heard some players talking about that there skills points being altered. And that they are upset that they have to respect there points. Could you please look into this.
    Why? : I just want everybody to be happy and able to run the way they use to.

    And finally I just wanted to thank the devs. For the great event they have given us.

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