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Thread: Hardcore Mode

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    Default Hardcore Mode

    Suggestion for hardcore mode.

    Since gold is not stashable in hardcore,
    I hope the gold drop for hardcore in DM/Valleys will be restored or increased since most of us can't farm on Zodias Map/Portals.
    Because gold is very useful in hardcore especially now that the ads elixirs are now gold, and we are having a hard time earning for gold.

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    Crates giving gold also .
    Its hardcore for some reason .

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    Yea doesn't make any sense imo too. There are many events u can get tones of gold. Last jarl event many managed to buy 20m vanity from spendalot. Also elixirs are cheaper and that's alrd huge help sts provided in gold save for HC. We all know we farm 6months and save gold for awake event.

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