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Thread: new arcane ring buff

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    Default new arcane ring buff

    Hello, The new arcane rings complete the mythic set but are worse in every way besides armor.

    (attached image is with a max damage enchant on the new ring)

    However, armor is bugged right now (check the bugs post by wizzy) so the arcane ring really IS worse in every single way than the mythical counterparts. Please buff it heavily so that it has a purpose and earns the status of an "arcane" item. because as of now, it is an extremely rare item that is designed to be used for farming, but will decrease farming performance across the board.

    There would be no need for a buff if it had its own set (like the arcane valentine bonus) , but this ring is only a set when it reblaces ebon gear, which is why it needs a huge buff to even compete (or have any remote purpose)

    I think a good baseline (since it is a level 110 item and can only be used in endgame) add some crazy PvE only stats like +3000 health or +3000 damage

    also please consider making arcane items have 5 enchant slots so it continues with the theme of 2,3,4,5 for pink, elite, myth, arcane
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