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    Default XP Stac

    Recently, I did a hardcore character on double XP Day. I have realised the XP stacking has drastically changed.

    A 600 XP Quest on double XP Day would give 1.2k XP.

    Following the same principles since itís double XP, XP elixirs used (to stack on top of the double XP day.

    So a 50% XP add would mean
    (Original XP x 2 from double XP day) x 1.5 (50% elixir)

    However, the changes I have seen now is the ads % is calculated from the original XP rather than the doubled amount when itís XP day.

    Is this something that has been changed without any announcement or is it just a bug?

    Thank you

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    It hasn't changed, and double xp applies to the result of everything else.


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