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Thread: Feedbacks Regarding On-Going event .

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    Default Feedbacks Regarding On-Going event .

    1. The gold drop is absurd . I am making 1m every 20 seconds run. The economy is already doomed and if the gold drop stays like this it will just completely ruin the game .
    2. The elixir to spawn the vendor costs 10 plat . It should also have an option to buy with 1m gold to spawn .

    3. What are the boss drops ? And what are the implementations to prevent players from botting ? Probably as long as the person doesnt leave the map from the golden portal they do not get the points maybe ?

    4. The platinum vendor prices are randomised. A costly item and a cheap item or basically half price or 1/10th of its priced is at 1200 plat ( the yellow iron hand set ) , kirke , dynamo and more for 600 platinum doesnt justify their platinum prices either . Those demonic sets are overpriced too . Ppl will just buy classic iron set dark and skip entire other vanities .

    5. Addition of Undead antlers , Black Glass Mask , The Red Rider and few more vanities was needed as well .

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    Oye tranquilo eso es para lo nuevo jugadores no está nada mal para ellos ok

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