So I'm nearly up to Class Three aircraft, and thought I'd offer up some of my old planes as well as making a place to discuss this awesome game I'm gonna be offline for a week, but be sure I'll reply when I get back to the Internet. Here's a list of the parts I can offer, and a list of those I'd like:

Bearclaw-C Body
Navigator-M Engine
Griffon-P Body
Wallaby-C Engine
Birchcraft-P Engine

Full Bearclaw-C and Bearclaw-P
Full Griffon-C X2
Full Navigator-P
Full Wallaby-P
Full Anan-C and Anan-P
Full Navigator-C
Full Supergopher-C

I know the list's a little disorganised. Sorry!

Looking for

Sea Knight
Cloudliner and Sequoia parts!