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    Default Game disconnection

    Hello STS Team.
    I have since a while big problems to play Dark Legends. The connection gets lost pretty much. I always have to close and restart the game. Usually it's bearable but at events it is really frustrating. For example right now its beach gauntlet and the connection breaks way more than without event.
    I barely make it to round 20. When I see that it freezes I pump blood, go far from mobs and close the game. This usually avoids death in normal maps. But in the event I still always have one more death when I start the game again. It also brings me right back where it froze but it says " time has run out". Even I had more than a minute when I closed it. I mean, I understand that it is like that, but why also automatically one more death.?!
    I hope you can help me with that issue.
    I saw already a bunch of people having the same problem. I don't have internet problems and this doesn't happen in other games.
    Sometimes I just started the game and I was still on the map when the connection breaks. I never had those problems. I would say since a half/ 1 year it got really really bad.
    Please help me or fix that problem. It's impossible to enjoy the game like this.
    Thank you!

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    Sorry, but it sounds like there are network issues somewhere between you and the servers.

    You could consider trying a vpn to see if that avoids the issues for you. Cloudflare's Warp has worked well for me for similar issues before.

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