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Thread: Stat change needed on this item

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    Default Stat change needed on this item

    With the introduction of the freedom fighter shield, there seems to be a new (and interesting) proc which allows you to get 100% gold boost while taking damage

    This is a really neat item, but as of writing this, it is useless. This is backed by the fact that literally nobody uses it while farming gold.

    I propose 3 changes which will actually allow us to use this cool new proc:

    -make the proc last MUCH longer, 10 seconds is not enough time to pick up gold in a gold farming run

    -make the proc MUCH more frequent, I have stood in the middle of isle with 40+ mobs attacking me for over half of a minute without the proc hitting. Which that alone makes it useless when a gold farming run will have far fewer damage taken instances so it might not even proc during a run, much less when you actually need it to

    -make the proc last until you die (or remake a map) this might sound crazy, I know. But itís not overpowered. It will simply make this item worth having and give a little variation to the gold farming meta which is just 50% GL hats. Letís make this shield actually playable instead of another proc that nobody will ever use

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    The only issue is this will further increase inflation in the market
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    Gold loot procs are pretty useless indeed, however all gold loot should be removed regardless, it has ruined the cs completely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahrah View Post
    Gold loot procs are pretty useless indeed, however all gold loot should be removed regardless, it has ruined the cs completely.
    I agree; but the problem is that the [Gold Loot %] has been the thing for so long now, so I think removing it can cause more damage than not removing it.
    So if [Gold Loot %] is ever going to be removed, there need to be something better that replaces it. Better not to remove it completly, but maybe balancing it somehow; meaning lowering it like A LOT.
    STS needs to slow down with the new item stats. I believe it's just a matter of time when everything goes back into order.

    - Maybe there could be [Passive skill] for [Gold loot], and while leveling your character you can decide for yourself if you want to add [skill points] on that skill; and the more points you add the more [Gold loot %] you get; and after you have got it to the maximun number of skill points [1-10], then you wouldn't be abble to get any more [Gold loot %].
    - With first [skill point] added to that skill you could get example of 10% of [Gold loot %], and the last [10] skill point added it would be example of 100 or 150% max.
    - And while adding the Passive [Gold Loot skill], every other Gold loots would be removed, I think this could control the gold loot a bit.
    - Gold loot enchantment could be lowered to the Max 100% [1 slot= 25%].

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