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Thread: Reviving <The Community Guild>!

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    Cool Reviving <The Community Guild>!

    Hello everyone,

    It has been a VERY long time...

    I'm writing this thread to announce that we are looking to revive <The Community Guild> to it's former glory!

    The Community Guild consists of experienced Spacetime Studios players. We originated on the idea that we will help any and all newcomers regardless of their gratitude, attitude or anything. Just to help everyone in general, to grow as a friendly and helpful community, to help not just those who need it but to help even other veteran players with questions they may have. We DO NOT recruit just anyone. Being part of the guild means you are agreeing to Spacetime Studios terms of service; to our terms of service and to being a helpful, loyal and respectful member of the community.

    As stated in our mission statement above, we are looking for a dedicated group of veteran players to join in reviving the guild.

    If you are interested, please submit our application here.

    As you all may or may not remember, we have always held high standards in the guild as we have hosted events for you in the past with Spacetime Studios as sponsors(for things such as platinum rewards, etc.) and we will expect nothing less from our applicants.

    For the time being, most efforts will be focused on Arcane Legends as well as Pocket Legends from time to time.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me in game (IGN: Xvanitykingx on all games) or here on the forums.

    Best regards,

    <The Community Guild>

    Interested in joining <The Community Guild>?
    Click here!
    (Site still under construction)

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    Seems honorable. Good luck

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    nice dude. I have the character asummoner in the PL community guild, maybe i will join on AL. nice to see it.

    currently taking a break from AL and u may have noticed i have created my own guild but nevertheless i will still probably pop one of my alts in tcg. Made By Deadly, & STS Devs Are Here.. | BE SKEPTICAL BEFORE My YT - Arcane Legends Guides, And Stuff. | CLICKING LINKS!!

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