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    Default Suggestion for event after labrinth

    How about we bring in the House party event . But with a twist
    Everyone gets rating points the longer they stay in a house .
    UpTo 5x point max for 15 min . And if the house owner is there friend they get one extra point

    The loot from bluto
    Will include
    1: throne of swords recipe
    2: artisan desc recipe
    3: Goblin vault recipe
    4: a special ring like profiteer cus those are like 40m to 70m and have been hoarded
    5: some more good furniture in store (( I suggest an arcade machine that let us play the fishing event games from our home by interacting with that item ))
    6: a special boss drop . A portable (( MR SPENDALOT)) then I won't have to run in kraag to gamble
    7: house slots drop
    8: 100k to 500k gold drop
    9: 5x key crate
    10: paylon artifact
    11: arcane gear
    12: mythic gear
    13: house deeds
    14: house locations
    15: harpsichord,organ,violen back in store
    16: elite gems
    17: normal awake gems
    18: elixers

    Speciall request: along with this event increase the max capacity of players in house so we can have big parties

    Second request: when owner is in house people can use the stash that for now only owner and his spouse can use .

    3rd request: the boss should spawn at a min of 5or7 people in a house so people can enjoy private parties too not just homeshow houses

    4th request: guild halls also get the boss to spawn

    Ign: Happydino

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    I'll keep this around for when we do House Party again, but we currently have no plans to run it before the end of the year.


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