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    Default level 81 arcane weapon feedback

    i will add to this thread once or twice more with more feedback once more info arises. MORE MORE MORE

    let us know what you think of the arcane weapons too.


    here is what i think so far:

    this differentiation in proc timers should only exist if kills counting to ready the weapon proc is not shared.

    Warrior Kraken Battle Aegis kill streak timer should wear off the slowest and have the shortest cooldown. - this is because a warrior with an aegis is the hardest spec to use in the game.

    Sorcerer Kraken Battle Staff should have the fastest kill streak decay rate and the longest cooldown. - most damage, easily kills a lot of enemies.

    rogue possibly the same as sorcerer.

    BUT if we factor in ultimates, then warrior should take the place of the sorcerer.

    so maybe rogue should get a buff to their weapon instead of warrior because rogue ult isn't good.

    let us know wat u think, ill add more to this when the detailed information is released. Made By Deadly, & STS Devs Are Here.. | BE SKEPTICAL BEFORE My YT - Arcane Legends Guides, And Stuff. | CLICKING LINKS!!

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    just wait until the weapons come out
    then you can give your feedback
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    We'll add official feedback threads once these are released. In the meantime, it helps the team to review all of this stuff in one place, so I'll be moving these posts to the preview thread w/ dev presence in a little bit.


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