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    Default Dark forest sets & elite crafting


    Dark forest sets & elite crafting

    Everyone likes Dark forest leather, so I made some cool sets based around it.

    Wearing any of these sets awards an untradeable: Dark forest ring, Dark forest amulet, and "Orb of Nature" pet.
    Equip these three items to complete your set.

    Set bonus particle effect is green sparkles in hands. (Set bonus proc: chance to thorn root enemy)

    Set peices/bonuses:

    Dexterity - Set bonus: 5 armor, 8 damage, 2 dodge, 3 hit, 6 crit

    Jewel Thief's Dark Forest bow master cap
    Jewel Thief's Dark Forest leather
    Jewel Thief's Pinecone talon
    Jewel Thief's Bark wingshield

    Intelligence - set bonus: 8 armor, 5 damage, 4 dodge, 3 hit, 3 crit

    Dreamer's Nature Mage Shaman cap
    Dreamer's Nature Mage robe
    Dreamer's twig wand
    Dreamer's leaf bracer

    Strength - Set bonus: 10 armor, 3 damage, 6 dodge, 2 hit, 2 crit, (Bear only: +25% move speed in PvP!)

    Conqueror's Forest battle helm
    Conqueror's Forest chain
    Conqueror's Forest sword
    Conqueror's Bark shield

    L20 Forest Fire crafting:

    Fiery Shards drop from trolls in dark forest. They have a 0.33% drop chance.
    Combine these fiery shards with a dark forest set to get a L20 forest fire set.

    Each forest fire recipe costs 75 platinum. You can craft your Orb of Nature into an Orb of Fire for 100 platinum, this completes the set. Set bonus particle effect is fiery sparkles in hands.

    The forest fire sets will have a set bonus with way more crit and damage than sandstone elite sets, however they will also have less armor and dodge than sandstone elite sets.

    You will recieve a "forest fire antenna" when you enter the promo code /p globalwarming

    Extra items:

    Oak hammer (bark texture)
    Oak dagger
    Twig bow
    Twig crossbow
    Sapling staff
    Forest longsword

    Extra details:

    Orb of Nature is a green orb that follows you!
    Dark forest amulet and ring give 2 h/s, 2 m/s
    Forest fire armor (dark red with fiery cracks in it, slightly ashy!)
    Forest fire ashy bark shield (Ashy!)

    Here is the chronological order of each update, in terms of when each of these should be released.

    1. Sandstone elite crafting update (recently added diamond crystalline sets, check post for more details)
    2. L30-32 elite blizzard crafting update
    3. Dark forest sets & crafting update
    4. Balanced pets for every campaign (Doesn't sell platinum, but important for the long term success of PL)

    It's recommended to release these updates during or after events, when the playerbase is most active.
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    Another interesting idea.

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