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    Default Suggestions for the 2023

    3 months left for 2023 l want to suggest some things what l would love to have them in the game at 2023 or earlier.

    •a search button in achievements they are so many and we need to swipe to find (if we can write fester and the achievement of fester can show up without searching bosses/mobs or boss aps)
    •If we loot wrong class gear we can change it add something in shuyal what can change wrong legend gear (for a example if l have rogue and have uller armor l can give 1m gold and the uller armor and take himi armor) this can Happen with arcane gear 71 like we give ebon bow and 1m or more gold to take ebon staff
    • Weather effects raining,thunderstorm,snow to make it more realistic if we have thunderstorm in nordr we cant traver there cuz the road is blocked with snow or there is still a thunderstorm (this can be a side quest also clean the road from snow) or in kraken island we cant traver due a thunderstorm if we travel 50% chance to die
    •a global chat what we can chat and everyone can see it from kraag,windmoore,fester
    •day/night effect when the al is 20:00 everywhere will be night till 07:00 al time at night we can travel at dark or to have a flashlight in cities we can have lamps for light at night the maps will spawn more mobs and it can be way harder also good side quest and aps kill bracken bosses at night kill kraken island bosses at night
    •spouses can share the same house can change furniture if the spouse put all the furniture inside all the furniture will go to the owner so nobody can steal or they can combine their housesnin the same location / map
    •hardcore can revine with 2k ankh
    •hardcore can sell items in action but cant buy
    •more videoclips in maps like ydra

    Achievement suggestion:

    make the 500bosses to give 250aps and 1k bosses to give 500aps so aps can be balanced with the 1k aps at crafting and upgrade aps

    New achievement:

    have full 71lvl arcane gear
    (weap,armor,helmet,belt,ring,amulet,arti) 250aps
    have full 76lvl arcane gear
    (weap,armor,helmet,belt,ring,amulet,arti) 250aps
    have full mireguard set 250aps
    have full banished set 250aps
    have full antignome set 250aps
    have full zaarus (81mythic) set 250aps

    (house postage)
    sent 1 mail 10 aps
    sent 5 mail 20 aps
    sent 10mail 50aps
    sent 50mail 100aps
    sent 100mail 250aps
    sent 500mail 500aps
    sent 1k mail 1k aps

    spend 10k gold in spendaslot 10aps
    spend 50k gold in spendaslot 20aps
    spend 100k gold in spendaslot 50aps
    spend 250k gold in spendaslot 100aps
    spend 500k gold in spendaslot 250aps
    spend 1m gold in spendaslot 500aps
    spend 5m gold in spendaslot 750aps
    spend 10m gold in spendaslot 1k aps

    go bronze tier in event 10aps
    go silver tier in event 20aps
    go gold tier in event 50aps
    go plat tier in event 100aps
    finish top 50 lb 250aps
    finish top 25 lb 500aps
    finish top 10 lb 1k aps
    finish top 5 lb 1k aps

    (energy kits or energy crafted kit)
    consume 1 energy 10aps
    consume 5 energy 20aps
    consume 10 energy 50aps
    consume 50energy 100aps
    consume 100energy 250aps
    consume 250energy 500aps
    consume 500energy 750aps
    consume 1k energy 1k aps

    from the start of the character will count the days what it was online
    1day 10aps
    3days 20aps
    7days 50aps
    14days 100aps
    21days 100aps
    28days 100aps
    1month 100aps
    3 months 100aps
    6months 100aps
    12months 100aps

    take klaas chest in ydra(8hours)
    •1 time 10aps
    •5 times 20aps
    •10times 50aps
    •25 times 100aps
    •50times 250aps
    •100times 500aps
    •500times 750aps
    •1k times 1k aps

    ^same with windmoore chest (24hours)

    kill naked (no weap/armor)in elite map:
    •stabb 150aps
    •krax 150aps
    •Jarl 150aps
    •thunk one-eye 150aps
    •speed slayer 150aps
    •precise perambulatior 150aps
    •mother 150aps
    •klotus/becquila 150aps
    •bael 150aps
    •antee 150aps
    •rutger 150aps
    •glob 150aps
    •lord mardrom 150aps
    •bluecrap captain 150aps
    •bloodhammer captain 150aps
    •fangtooth Captain 150aps
    •hately captain 150aps
    •bloodhammer captain returns 150aps
    •alpha wolf 150 aps
    •frostir 150aps
    •grimnr 150aps
    •ferrix 150aps
    •overgrowth 150aps
    •inah hesh 150aps
    •inah hesh anger 150aps
    •troll abomination 150aps
    •alargan 150aps
    •rendtail 150aps
    •cracking the egg 150aps
    •shaman pakuna 150 aps
    •thumber 150aps
    •korgar 150aps
    •northal 150aps
    •heston 150aps
    •hugal 150aps
    •jadis 150aps
    •cryostar 250aps
    •ashera 250 aps
    •dred duggar 250aps
    •skull- dozer 250aps
    •jord skratch 250 aps
    •Ekenta 250aps

    that's all for now l hope to see them in game soon

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    I appreciate the effort you put into this, thanks!

    I've added this thread along with your existing thread in the Lists section of the community suggestions document I maintain here.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Encryptions View Post
    Disagree on the aps, all are repetitive/ p2w / easy. Only agree on plat tier in 1 5 10 events/ run 1000 energy. These 2 yes are repetitive but they are something everyone will eventually do, unlike 1,000 bosses in ydra forest.
    Global chat no.
    Changing weapon class with 1m gold, no. Imagine changing immo sword worth 5m each into immo dags worth 40mil each with 1m gold.
    Night effect throughout the day could be cool.
    well we cant change weap immo with the new ones l was actually referring to Uller vili himi set cuz is hard to loot even if you do 1k bosses so if l see this mechanic only for the legend set l would be happy...

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