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Thread: Friendly Feedback About The Kraken Weapons :)

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    Default Friendly Feedback About The Kraken Weapons :)

    I have tested all of the new weapons, and I would like to give my thoughts about them.
    First I must say that they are all very fun to use and very well designed.

    Make sure we keep this thread clean and nice.
    Fair and friendly criticism

    So here we go..

    Kraken Daggers-
    Very good weapon.
    I believe a small twitch down in the aura damage is required, overall very good weapon against both mobs and bosses.

    Power 10/10
    Fun 9/10

    Kraken Bow -
    Proc Rate is good, since you can controll it, very liked that idea.
    Well designed, and fun (I like that it hits many targets, you wont miss proc on boss now)
    Damage numbers needs more attention.
    Does very low damage numbers.

    Power - 2/10
    Fun - 8/10

    Kraken Aegis -
    This weapon is really the most fun and satisfying to use out of all of them.
    The pull effect is very cool.
    However I think a small buff to the damage is needed.
    Also I feel like when you proc it, and many strong mobs are in ur face, you die fast.
    Maby convert Armor Reduce to Damage Reduce?

    Power - 4/10
    Fun - 1000/10

    Kraken Sword -
    I believe this weapon needs a small review.
    It has been said that it was meant for killing bosses but it looks like the damage was never tested.
    Proc works fine, but the damage numbers are too low, lower than spirit weapons after the nerf.

    Power - 1/10
    Fun - 5/10

    Kraken Staff -
    I like the idea of damage auras, rather than give a player x10 stats.
    This weapon was very fun to use, cool visual effect but again very low damage numbers.
    It does like 20% of MOBS health (zodias)

    Power - 3/10
    Fun - 9/10

    Kraken Gun -
    And now we got the gun.
    Gun is also fun to use, cool idea with multiple targets like the bow, I like it !
    However same problem as the bow / sword - it does very low damage..
    By low I mean like 1% of boss HP more or less

    Power - 2/10
    Fun - 8/10

    Leave a friendly comment if you like, ty
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    Gun and bow shouldn't give player buffs tbh, I hope they remove those and let the gun and bow have a new feature of stacking dots. Attack 3 mobs at a time on a normal attack and 10 on charged.

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    Not a small buff. Just a normal buff or bigger cuz mythic still op so make no sense that the arcane are trash comparing to the mythic.

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    Wonder if could be possible for kraken pulling mechanic being separated from the heavy dmg effect with cooldown.
    This way we can keep on pulling mobs without having to worry about cooldown, this is what makes tb so desired.

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