Elderman Gustave was ready. He had the last ingredient to his potion, the ear of a weasel. The potion would heal any wound to its original state. All of a sudden he noticed some bubbles and a small blue head popped out from the liquid of the cauldron.
"Hi, I'm Hox," said the scrawny figure.
Elderman was puzzled since there were no living ingredients in the potion. He asked, "Who are you?"
"You created me by mistake just now. I studied to become a seer at Arcane University."
This puzzled Elderman even more. "How did you study at the university when I just created you five minutes ago?"
"Magic," Hox replied. "And now you must make more of my kind so that I have companions."
"Very well," said Elderman. "But you must pay 10,000 gold for the recipe."
"That's not a problem, I have plenty of gold from my arcane fossil business."
Elderman asked, "Let me guess, you did that through magic."
"No, through fossil forgery."
Elderman woke up. He realized it had all been a dream. He rushed to the cauldron where his potion was brewing. He frowned and slowly reached into the bubbling concoction. He grasped onto something alive! A frail blue figure now in his hands, out of frustration he yelled, "Intruder!" and held his knife to the creature's neck, trembling. All of a sudden...
Edlerman woke up for real this time. The whole thing had been a dream. He rushed into the kitchen, took the cauldron off of its supports, and threw all of its contents out! He vowed to steer away from dark magic potions.