Herald was on the train going to the city. He watched the rain drops on the window slide down further and further. This was a time for mourning, as his wife, Geraldine had lost her life in the goblin rebellion. He visited her grave at the Chancel of Light often. This is when he got a bright idea. He placed a spell on her grave that kept people out, so he could be there in silence and no one else could enter.

This plan, unfortunately, came with a drawback. He was a novice magician, and made some mistakes when casting the spell. This is when his path crossed with the great Elderman Gustav. Elderman had mad sorcerer skills and was able to pass through the protective barrier of the spell, which would have been invisible to most. Due to the improper spell, this caused injury to the aging man.

Herald learned of this and offered support to his friend, Elderman. The incident had strained their friendship. As his condition worsened, Herald suggested that now was a good time for an attack on the enemy general at Rook's Nest. The pair approached the general and began their battle. The general was quite the warrior. Ultimately, although he was defeated, the battle critically injured Elderman. The weight of the plot of Arcane Legends on his shoulders, combined with the newfound illness were too much, causing him to collapse. Herald narrowly escaped with his life himself, but his troubles were far from over.

Hox became angry at Herald over this. He said that Herald should have let the old man have his rest and recover. He challenged Herald to a duel to the death in the Shuyal Arena. Herald was obliged to accept, as Hox was meddling in affairs that did not concern him. The battle commenced. Several metal rods shot up from the ground, locking the pair into the arena. A cage match. Hox summoned a grandfather clock, which came crashing to the ground. Amazed at his opponent's superior ability, Herald begged for forgiveness and mercy.

A settlement was reached. In exchange for sparing his life, Herald agreed to allow other people selectively into the Chancel of Light. Hox was responsible for portal security, and needed the help. The defective magic was repaired. Geraldine was raised from the dead. There was much rejoicing in the city. Herald was contractually obligated to alert people about the portal. Hox has accused him of letting lower levels inside in exchange for gold, a claim which Herald denies. Arcane News sent Hox a house letter for comment, but there was no reply as of Monday night.