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Thread: Current Ongoing Event

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    Default Current Ongoing Event

    Star Legends , A game where only 99percent of times , one base exists with 2-5 players maximum online and 20-50 during an event . The game also has least amount of events in entire STS games list .
    So, since we got halloween event I want to spot some few highly problematic issues this event has .

    - Literally same platinum vendor and token vendor with same rewards , same crates nothing even new . Just a new thrown in blue shades to horns and how is that justified to be 100 platinum .

    - Does the event map even have any vanities drops or this is just for sake event ? Halloween should technically include frozen death , dark legends shield , scorn shield, trickster hood as drops from mobs as well as boss as the most least STS could have done to make the event relevant .

    - LB rewards are not even known and if it is a Star Legends shield only . How is that even considered an item to be given to TOP players ? No badges , No good titles , no good vanity set reward . Nothing , The last 20-200 remaining base loves this game and do really expect atleast a really good halloween and christmas event .

    ---- There is still time to make changes for current event and hopefully this post will be replied .

    - Even the forumn post for event was so vague that it is like STS is just forced to keep SL running . If that is the case , shutting it down is better for both community and the devs rather than be just a wannabe game that has no motive to exist .

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    I give this a +1

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    I hope that the reason of a event like this is bc they saving demand for a new lvl cap

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