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Thread: Adjust Polaris Proc

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    Default Adjust Polaris Proc

    .. so it can more easily deal with mobs.

    I know it has been stated that nothing more will be done to the mythic 81 weapons but, it does not matter, i write this anyway, I feel like it will be a good idea and make all (most) Warriors happy.

    If you are not a dev and wish to reply, please do so with relevance to the topic.

    Right now the meta/only viable way for killing mobs fast as a Warrior is activating L76 skull axe/aegis proc then swapping to L81 mythic zaarus set with Neptaris/Saber, or simply L81 Saber only.

    Saber and skull axe is inaccessible for most players, Skull Aegis damage is low, and Polaris is slow, Making it needlessly hard for warriors to kill mobs.

    IDK if you noticed but Warrior 81 mythic weapon procs are mainly used for killing bosses, and that is because they do not give the appropriate means to kill mobs.

    For context, Polaris will kill up to around 8 mobs per proc, and that is being generous, sometimes, if not most times, the attack range of the weapon isn't large enough to reach the desired targets, so it will hit only 4 or 5 mobs per proc.

    Pisces proc on the other hand for example can eliminate what seems like an unlimited amount of enemies.

    suggestion: \/

    Why buff Polaris: With perfect proc timing & target placement we can perhaps kill a mere 8 mobs then warrior struggles to kill any mobs at all until the next proc activation.

    How to buff it: Adjust the proc so that once activated - a dunk can be inflicted on all enemies hit by the weapon, without needing to inflict drown, and without a proc target limit. - if this causes a problem elsewhere then I hope you can resolve it.

    Polaris has the AOE proc out of Nep & Pol so it seems only right that it should be the one that receives a rework based around improving the AOE.

    Keep in mind I did not take into consideration the eating machine sword and aegis, so perhaps if Polaris stays as it is then it will not be so bad, but I will still vouch for Polaris to be adjusted as described above.

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    I have a warrior that has only Polaris and I confirm that it is very painful to deal with mobs. Drown area is way too small.

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