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Thread: The Evil Seer Hox

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    Default The Evil Seer Hox

    It was a crisp spring morning when Seer Hox was out for a stroll in Arcanum Grounds. He saw a pumpkin on the side of the road. He became angry and lunged at the pumpkin with his staff. The pumpkin transformed into a magician. The magician was disappointed in Hox and banished him to the Kraken isles. Hox tried to explain that there was no way he could have known that the pumpkin was not simply a pumpkin, but it did no good.

    Hox served his time on the Kraken isles. The magician sent a boat for Hox once his punishment was over. Hox cast a spell on Captain Raven, and then the captain could not remember who she was or why she had come to the island. That is when Hox remembered that he was a class five warlock and could teleport to wherever he wanted. He went to Windmoore where he continued his reign of terror on the villagers. This is when the Jarl confronted Hox. Their battle went something like this:

    Jarl: So you thought you could come here with all this skulduggery on my watch?

    Hox: Yeah, I do what I want.

    Jarl: Well, then. If you think you are so tough, show me what you got.

    Then Hox held out his staff with a grin and a cone of blue light flashed out of its end.

    Jarl: Haha. That barely scratched me.

    Jarl came running straight at Hox, who tried to get away, but tripped on the cobblestone. Jarl raised his axe and chopped off Hox's head. This pleased the Jarl, who was very happy to be rid of this menace. Almost immediately though, two Hoxes appeared in the center of town. How could this be?

    Jarl: And now you see. Every time I kill you, you multiply. You have no power here, evildoer. And now you will be cursed. After every of your crime sprees, you will be forced to stand still in one spot.

    Now the Hoxes panicked. During the next 24 hours, Hox or one of the Hoxes, was spotted flying out of the country, closing his bank accounts, telling his family that he loved them, arguing with the Jarl, and dueling with the other Hox. It is unclear if the Jarl learned this power or if it was a random accident. Either way, Hox and his double have avoided Windmoore ever since. This is why in the song it is sung, "I would rather face an enraged Inan'Hesh than an enraged Hox."

    I approached Hox’s house for comment, but it was guarded by a large checkerboard. I was subsequently fired on by dark magic. The Jarl had this to say: "Let's face it. Hox is up to no good. I know it. You know it. The gateway to the Nott realm is just a ploy to weaken free men. Ever since this corruption has led us to a two front war, Notts have been pouring in. What's next? Mind control? Ankle revealment? Let's seal the gateway in Stronghold, before it's too late, and the smurf invasion is complete."

    correction: An earlier version said that Gustav survived his battle with Bael but that Hox took credit for the gateway that was actually made by Gustav and murdered him as a coverup. Hox's lawyers threatened to sue me for slander if I kept this, so it was redacted.
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