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Thread: Suggestion for Weapons.

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    Default Suggestion for Weapons.


    Playing the game throughout the years, I miss the procs from weapons of previous expansions, and miss how unique and well designed they were.

    Sooner or later, Devs will run out of ideas for new procs without breaking the game. For instance: Skratch Staff, Aquaris, and Kraken Staff all have similar procs the only exception being is that Kraken Staff has an aura that does damage and stuns..

    I think it would be great if future locks could contain a crafting material, "Arcane Stone", instead of arcane weapons.

    The Arcane Stone would allow the user to craft ANY weapon into the game to endgame level. If the weapon has a Proc, the numbers will get adjusted to work against the endgame content.

    Why is this such an amazing idea?

    We could have more labyrinth events in the future that will be fun for the players and won't hurt plat buyers at all.

    Devs could occasionally release new weapons if they come up with cool new unique proc ideas that drop from bosses.

    This would allow players to be more unique with their playstyle and use weapons which they enjoy while allowing devs to make a steady-stable income.

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