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Thread: Banned Witness Account

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    Default Banned Witness Account

    A grandfather clock was found at the entrance of the news station last night. I'm scared. I got lost on my way back home. I was in a dark alley. My thoughts swirled: If I don't publish another article, then you know something bad happened to me. Ha, ha, ha. I'm overreacting. Deep breaths. They say we are living in a simulation called Arcane Legends. Who would have thought? The Jarl has been missing for days. I am one of the last conservative voices in Kraag, and people need to know the truth! Wait. There is a hooded figure approaching. I think it' can't be.

    The figure's robe slid along the ground, then halted. He pulled back his hood to get a better look and raised his weapon.

    Hox: Traitor!

    staff ignites

    Gustav: Not so fast!

    Hox: Master, I thought you were dead! No, this can't be happening!

    Hox fled, leaving more quickly and much more loudly than he had come.

    Gustav dusted off his robes. He muttered softly.

    Gustav: Same old tricks.

    I thanked the old man. He told me his father knew the seer once. I found my way home, rattled.

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