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    Default Journey to 10 million kills

    My journey to 10 million

    Hello everybody, I’m Sunflwershine a level 115 bear guild master of <Heavenly>

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    I have finally reached 10 million PvE kills on game.

    I started Pocket Legends on the 21st April 2010.
    Pocket Legends was the first game I downloaded on my apple iphone 3.
    We had to pay 5 plat to unlock each campaign to level up, Ancient Swamps required10 plat to unlock.
    Level 35 was cap at the time, Ancient Swamps Campaign
    There where no guilds, no daily blessing from the elf queen.
    And looting a legendary drop (pink) was very rare
    I left the game after 35 cap, i played for around 1 month and quit the game.
    When I returned to Pocket Legends the Campaign was Mount Fang level 66 cap

    Here is a list of (Fast) Cap items I have earned on game
    (Fast) Cap Items:
    Level 66 - Mount Fang Amor
    Level 71 , Monarch helm of Humania
    Level 76 – Fossilized Dragon Egg
    Level 77 - Lil Gorax
    Level 85 - Warlords Prisonband
    Level 90 - Royal Cross bone Shield
    Level 95 - Green gimmal
    Level 100 – Mayenak, Psyko
    Level 105 - The Fire-Eyed Dragon Shield
    Level 110 – The Crimson Tide set
    Level 115 - Dragkin Demigod bow, Dragkin Demigod blade, Dragkin Demigod staff

    The Fire Forrest Ichor quest, which was Pre levl 76 cap. This quest was available to level 71 characters only. I completed twice, and chose the Dragonet’s Elite X-fire Bow and Elite Fire Axe of the Dragon. This quest lasted around 40 days and 500 ichors where required to complete the quest, it was a random drop 1/3 runs got a drop. This was where Black Dragon sets where farmed.

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    During 76 cap the Elite fossilized Dragon Egg was rewarded to those who capped to 76 in 4 days, I capped 3 toons. (My good friend at the time Angeldawn taught me the secret ways of levelling up fast and she also capped 3 toons)

    Name:  Screenshot_2022.11.11_20.13.25.032.png
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    The release of the two new fox and rhino classes, those who capped to 76 in the first week was rewarded the Overachievers helm (red winged helm). I capped my fox – Afoxylady

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    During the 77, 80 and 85 caps again I capped in the first week the rewards where titles elite cut-throat and crazy cut-throat.

    Level 100 cap I was rewarded Mayenak for capping within the first week, which was crafted to Psyko pet

    Name:  Screenshot_2022.11.11_20.15.24.914.png
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    Level 105 the fast cap reward was to craft the The Mad Mage’s Sheild to “The Fire-Eyed Dragon Shield”

    Name:  Screenshot_2022.11.11_20.21.40.598.png
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    Level 110 cap, the fast cap reward was the Crimson Tide set and pet Lil Thrax

    Name:  Screenshot_2022.11.11_20.28.49.831.png
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    Level 115 cap, the fast cap rewards are the badge "Dragkin Commander Crest" and the vanity 2 handed weapons, the Dragkin Demigod bow, Dragkin Demigod blade, Dragkin Demigod staff

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    I have levelled 41 characters capped at level 110

    Some Exclusive Leader board Titles achieved on game

    1. Valentine Event 2020
    Top 10 “Legendary Lover” Title

    Name:  Screenshot_2022.11.11_21.11.06.270.png
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    2. St. Patrick's Day 2020 Return to Lucky Lemuel's Lair
    Top 10 “Lucky Legend” title

    Name:  Screenshot_2022.11.11_21.00.27.603.png
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    3. Shimming Shores 2020
    Top 5 “Baron of the Beach" title

    Name:  Screenshot_2022.11.11_21.19.48.303.png
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    4. Shimmering Shores 2021
    Top 5 “King of the Sands” Title
    Queen of the Sands” title

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    5. Halloween 2021
    Top 10 “: Undead :” Title
    Halloween Commander Shield

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    6. Shimmering Shores 2022
    Top 5 “Hot as Hell” Title
    Crest of the Solar Eclipse badge
    Crest of the Shimmering Sun badge

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    7. Halloween 2022
    Top 10 “ :THE TERROR :“ Title
    Skull Crest badge
    Halloween Assassin Shield

    Name:  Screenshot_2022.11.11_22.30.31.437.png
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    Over all, I just love to farm. It relaxes me to kill mobs and releases my stress. It is more fun with a team of friends.
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    I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.
    -Helen Keller

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