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Thread: 2022 Winter Suggestion

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    Default 2022 Winter Suggestion

    Hi Cinco, and the rest of the Developers and Moderators!

    Now that Halloween has passed, we're here to send new winter outfit designs for Dark Legends. All of these are examples only, we hope you would love them!

    -Xmas design banner/badge
    -Pink/Purple/Yellow/Orange color hairstyle for forbidden and Pink/purple for peekaboo
    -crystal ice wing
    -denim jump suit
    -X'mas bell or gift Face tattoo
    -snow fall aura and Snowman pet

    Name:  9776EDEF-2B65-4024-AE42-E27CC1E0513A_1_201_a.jpeg
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    Name:  photo_2022-11-13 18.31.45.jpeg
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    Name:  photo_2022-10-27_11.08.47.jpeg
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    Name:  photo_2022-11-02_23.26.39.jpeg
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    Name:  photo_2022-10-27_11.08.52.jpeg
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    Name:  photo_2022-10-27_15.20.01.jpeg
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    Name:  photo_2022-10-27_15.20.07.jpeg
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    Name:  photo_2022-10-27_15.20.04.jpeg
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    Name:  photo_2022-10-27_15.20.50.jpeg
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    Name:  photo_2022-10-27_15.20.53.jpeg
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    Disclaimer: All of these pictures are taken from Google, we do not own any of these. All contents provided are for reference only.

    Note: Are you looking for more designs like these? Feel free to view them on #visual arts by joining our Discord Server!

    ~ This is a only a suggestion but we're hoping you can consider it

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    Superb! All are awesome suggestions 🙂 👍 @yuying #xmas

    Guild:-Yrs Of Living Dangerously~Game Politics

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    These outfits are absolutely wonderful! Nice work.
    Question: Have the Devs used the suggestions and implemented them before?
    Just curious. I hope they have used ideas in the past that would be awesome.

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    Stop recolored stuff smh

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    those r so dem coollll

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