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    Default Alien Egg Bash Returns!

    Event runs from May 11th through 25th.

    The Alien Egg Bash returns!

    Wheeland-Wootani has messed it up again and now the Blackstar is threatened by a deadly alien infestation!
    Talk to the WW Corporate Exec aboard Blackstar and then hop through the "Infested Decks" portal to get started.
    This is an individual player leaderboard event.
    Score points by destroying eggs, vular and the Vular Hive Queen!

    Earn 50000 credits each time you finish the Wheeland-Wootani daily egg-bash quest!
    Collect 20000 event points for Bronze Tier, 50000 points for Silver and 100000 points for Gold Tier.
    Bronze, Silver and Gold Tier winners get a Pulse Rifle (for your character level) and up to 250000 credits!
    Gold Tier winners get the BioMech Jr. Pet!

    Name:  sl_egg_bash_biomech_jr_stats.png
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    Name:  sl_egg_bash_biomech_jr.png
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    All Tier winners can also purchase one of Wheeland-Wootani's Level 61 Super-Elite Napalm Carbines!
    Trade-friendly Naps for Platinum; character-bound Naps can be purchased for credits (price depends on Tier).

    Bosses can also drop the Desert Strike, UC Marine / Hazard / Xeno vanity sets, X-Ray Visors, gas masks, and R.I.V.E.T. MKII.

    Name:  sl_egg_bash_desert_strike_set.png
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Size:  101.1 KBName:  sl_egg_bash_rivet.png
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Size:  16.4 KBName:  sl_egg_bash_visor.png
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    Happy hunting, privateers!
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