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Thread: Locked crates from store

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    Default Locked crates from store

    Anyone else have gotten an item at their 300 locked crates that isnít even in the loot pool items? Twice in a row Iíve gotten free diver belts at my 300 crates but there is no belt in the loot pool of these crates

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    Hmm.. chest description says “you could get one of these items” objectively talking this doesnt mean you WILL get one of those items. Nothing binds them to showing the actual loot pool for the same reasons they aren’t obliged to show item drop percentages, Still scummy if this is the case.
    You should post this in bugs & technical issues so you’ll actually have a chance at a response from a dev

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    I dont think it is a bug. The guaranteed loot after 300 pulls says it could be an arcane or mythic item. myth item includes all the mythics. not just the ones listed in the loot pool of the locked crate.
    They cannot just stop the myth 81 set items from dropping because they are an alternative to arcs. People asked for the myths to be removed from the locks as they were abundant. So the helm, armor, belt have been removed from the loot pool of the locks, but are still part of the guaranteed loot. And many have asked for the myth items to be removed from the guaranteed loot before. Maybe try the Suggestions forum.
    The myth weapons are part of the locked loot pool and are needed for some players(especially new hcs who do open locks for gear).

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