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    Default couple o ideas


    Would like to propose a couple of ideas game wise.

    - Could our friend request list be in order of the latest person/people who tried to invite you, or maybe have a counter of days/hours/mins of when they tried to invite, so we can tell who tried to invite us last or in proper order of first to last. Its hard to know at times whilst getting requests when offline, you logon and suddenly have 3 or 4 requests but not sure from who or when.

    - is it possible to have a "friend" stash, where for example, i have 6 very close friends where we trust eachother completely, we all share items, but have different timezones. And its not always possible to be available at times to come on and pass the items back to a friend. So with this "friend" stash, i can leave the items in it, i could tick a check box of certain friends from my friend list, which would grant the ticked person(s) the ability to access the same stash and have the ability to take or put back the items? Many people share gear, and we know logging into friends accounts is against TOS. So something like this would be quite useful or helpful in terms of timezones or real life commitments. (yes this can increase the chances of people being scammed, but this is really only for people who have that friendship and understanding with people whom you'd share items with) Just an idea

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