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Thread: Burger Baron Officially Opens a Branch in Arlor!!

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    Default Burger Baron Officially Opens a Branch in Arlor!!

    Heya folks! You lookin for a place to have a nice meal with your family, friends or partner? Well look no further! Burger Baron has opened a new official branch in Hell!

    Name:  Screenshot_20221208-174532.png
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Size:  1.19 MB

    Make a reservation, show up, sign your soul awa- err.. I mean pay, and eat as much as you want!

    Name:  Screenshot_20221209-214121.png
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Size:  1.23 MB

    We have a special buffet area reserved for the couples tables only:

    Name:  Screenshot_20221209-214027.png
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Size:  1.39 MB
    Name:  Screenshot_20221207-130902.png
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Size:  1.26 MB

    Big group? Bigger table! Order whatever you want:

    Name:  Screenshot_20221209-213954.png
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Size:  1.15 MB

    Maybe you like to eat in solitude?

    Name:  Screenshot_20221209-214044.png
Views: 71
Size:  1.13 MB

    We have an outdoor area for all you outdoorsy types, it also comes with its own buffet area:

    Name:  Screenshot_20221209-214206.png
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Size:  1.25 MB
    Name:  Screenshot_20221208-174631.png
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Size:  1.45 MB
    Name:  Screenshot_20221209-214225.png
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Size:  1.28 MB

    We're also partnered with Boogie Nightclubs and they've set up right next door for all you club goers:

    Name:  Screenshot_20221208-174738~2.png
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Size:  868.1 KB
    Name:  Screenshot_20221209-214256.png
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    Name:  Screenshot_20221208-174707.png
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    Name:  Screenshot_20221209-214319.png
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    Name:  Screenshot_20221209-222427.png
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Size:  1.09 MB

    Finally if you've got any issues our manager lives on site.

    Name:  Screenshot_20221209-214448.png
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Size:  1.40 MB

    Come over to Burger Baron! /v Abuses

    Name:  Screenshot_20221209-214522.png
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Size:  1.49 MB

    Real talk though, I started this house last year (After the end of Jarl) and I honestly had no idea where it was heading. Somehow my house evolved into this restaurant and I decided to stick with that. Its not as creative or flashy as whats out there but I like it. I like that it doesnt lag, its not visually chaotic, and I like how spacious it is despite all the used slots. My only regret was not having enough house slots to build toilets. If anyone is bored and wants to use the place for role-play just let me know, I'll turn on a few things and let you guys do your thing xD.

    Thanks to anyone thats sold me furniture/Burger baron banners at a fair price or listed said items in auc at a fair price, I'm extremely grateful to all of you.
    Still looking for more Burger Baron Banners in case STS ever decides to increase house space, I always pay whats fair and my 20+ banners are proof of that.
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    Wow looks nice

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