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Would you consider toning down the difficulty a little for Gauntlet, Cinco? At the moment, there aren’t as many players farming it as they are farming Escort due to its difficulty after Round 16. As you know, Gauntlet drops the “Winter Warfare” weapons and shields which are needed to complete 4pc and 5pc sets of the “Frost Guardian” set. No players farming = no vanities. We’re coming up on 24 hours of the event and there isn’t a single weapon or shield in auction. Just a thought!
I think the gauntlet has to be difficult,

(The gauntlet that means "severe trial," "ordeal," or "double file of armed men" is a different word that originates from Swedish gata, meaning "lane" or "way.") To throw down the gauntlet is to issue an open challenge, while to pick up the gauntlet is to accept an open challenge. These figurative phrases come from the conventions of medieval combat.

I think the gauntlet should be extremely difficult in contrast to the other 2 easy options, making the drops inherently rewarding and elusive. And I'm not saying this to boost my own value because I haven't dropped any yet But this is a long event I'm sure there will be a lot of opportunities to get some