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Thread: Consignment store Forest haven

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    Default Consignment store Forest haven

    could you please consider adding a consignment store in Forest Haven . maybe use an existing or new NPC to access CS.

    By adding this convenient store to the towne of forest haven will produce a more active Towne . having more players in this area will in fact boost the new player "Stay" rate .

    many years ago alot of us joined pocket legends and had finished the tutorial . we were sent to forest haven . there were alot of players in this towne back in those days .There were also alot of kind people who helped many new players like myself get through the first 30 levels , which gave us the WOW . which inspired me to want to "stay" and one day when i reach as high as those that helped me . i will help as many new players and hopefully inspire them to help others.

    right now at this moment forest haven is active , but thats right now because it is only active during events . im estimating 3 out of 12 months are event active . the other 9 months this town is dead ...

    and within these 9 months of dead silence per year. new players have completed the tutorial ... joined the first towne ... with nobody to see , nobody to help , which i know in fact every player who is still active today would lend a helping hand . but the town is quiet ... which im guessing within 10 minutes new players decide the game is dead and quit .

    so could you please consider this idea for future progress . thanks

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