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    Default 2023-01-12 Content Update (299016)

    + Leaderboard dungeon runs now have max level enemies for all dungeons.
    + Difficulty should be approximately equivalent to Elite Zodias.
    + Non-leaderboard runs of these dungeons remain at the same difficulty as before.
    + Non-leaderboard runs are now available for all zones not reached via the world map.
    + Non-world map entry now gives the option of 'Standard Run' or 'Leaderboard Run'.
    + World map 'Timed' option renamed to 'LB', and now is saved per character.
    + Added Kraken Daggers + Belt bonus hud icon.

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    Hmmm ok nice

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    Could u change quick remapping for Timed runs so we dont have to leave the map every time cuz we didnt kill enough mobs?

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