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    Default Return to Prince Moroso's Lair for Valentines!

    ive been muted soo much in PL that i was hesitant on writing . "doubt it" on forum

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    yeah we should probably skip to level 120 cap soon since 115 cap has been underwhelming and there's not a lot to do. most of the 115 weapons are worse than level 110 weapons, there's not much reward and isn"t worth grinding fangs to craft gear that doesn't really help in pve and doesn't proc at all in pvp, the pvp still feels similar to level 110 pvp and people are still using old platinum sides as a weapon half the time, and there's not really much to farm since myth gear became so common with the xmas event and farming fangs really isn't worth it like i said.

    honestly i feel like we should go back to modeling caps after what worked in the past based on the positive feedback received by players during those caps. this cap really isn't working in my honest opinion.

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