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Thread: Buying from npc's... The annoying little problem.

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    Default Buying from npc's... The annoying little problem.

    I don't suppose I am the only person who finds this annoying.
    When buying from an npc, (or even just looking to see what they have), you have to go through a series of clicks to get where u want to go.
    For example, in mount fang if u r looking through Nessa's things, u click "What do u have for sale?" Then choose potions, vanity, helmet, shield, armor, or weapon. When u get to weapon, u choose which kind of weapon u want to see.
    If you try to back up at any time, (say for example, for two-handed swords back to all weapon types) it takes you out of the store and you have to start over.
    I would very much like to be able to back up and not be taken out of the store. It would be nice for this problem to be fixed soon.
    There, my rant is over.
    Does anyone else have a problem with this?

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    Yes, this is indeed annoying. It also happens when crafting.

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