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Thread: Just like the good ole' days! :D

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    Default Just like the good ole' days! :D

    I'm glad to have been part of this gathering, reminds me so much of the good times we had back in the day

    Name:  IMG_6039.jpg
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    Only a few at first, then we got more:

    Name:  IMG_6042.jpg
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    and more...

    Name:  IMG_6046.jpg
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    Got some newbies as well!

    Name:  IMG_6052.jpg
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    All fun and games until Goofbal (being the goofball that he is...) had to ruin this perfectly good shot of the "PL" shields:

    Name:  IMG_6053.jpg
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    Seriously though, a lot of fun! Also, got to see some oldies such as Chickenrunnn(A.K.A Monsterunnn)


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    This serves as a reminder that PL still has it!!

    Would be nice of some of you Devs/Mods at STS to join us in game sometime!

    Interested in joining <The Community Guild>?
    Click here!
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    Gotta love PL

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    Flash Mobs are the best and makes one look.

    Some like to look the exact same, others like variations of certain gear.

    It's great to see activity on our beloved game and our small community coming together for fun for once and not trash talking others openly. For some reason we still continue to have a very toxic community.

    Well done Xvanitykingx for capturing this rare moment.

    I also understand a member of our community generously gave you gold to do a give-away. KUDOS to him and I hope he accepts your invitation to be interviewed to join <The Community Guild>

    I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.
    -Helen Keller

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