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Thread: Pocket Legends: Neo Mages Episode 6: Anderson Chapter 1: Route

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    Default Pocket Legends: Neo Mages Episode 6: Anderson Chapter 1: Route

    Pocket Legends: Neo Mages
    Episode 6: Anderson
    Chapter 1: Route

    Interrogator: “Surviving Ursan veterans of the civil war referred to themselves as the Alterran Liberation Army. Better yet, liberators.”
    Angela: “Andropov…”
    I paid little attention to a row of three oak saplings that were placed in front of me outside. I’m not locked inside the chamber anymore.
    Interrogator: “Involved in Operation Totem. Ordered to take out the remaining Dark Alterran scientists and Dragunov’s heavily funded missile.”
    Angela: “He wanted to learn what Silknight did, and how they created it!”
    Interrogator: “Armed insurgents regrouped together and successfully sneaked through Wyldwood after hiding out.”
    An image of Magnus and Maverick sparked in my mind.
    Angela: Could they be…?
    Interrogator: “Neo Mages were getting close to their objective. Made a wrong turn as soon as they started picking targets at Anderson’s team.”
    My eyes widened for a second as soon as I saw an image of Andropov. All I can describe in his eyes is nothing but hatred.

    Shalerockstone Valley, Wyldwood
    Our squad marched through the valley of massive rocks as we carried rifles and heavy equipment that was necessary for our mission. None of us hardly complained about the frostlike temperatures the weather offered. The least we worried about were our fates whether we would be recaptured or not.
    Yakov: “We’ll call Igor when we arrive.”
    Andropov: “…”
    A faint aeronautic noise started to intensify at ten o’clock.
    Andropov: “Kukuruznik!”
    Everyone knows that the environment can be an advantage for both the enemy or ally. The biplane soared above the gray sky, making a turn towards its destination possibly for refueling. Another scout plane can come at any moment. We were running out of time.
    Andropov: “All clear.”
    As the scout plane got smaller, we ascended from the boulders and continued advancing. Leading the way, I started bolting.
    Andropov: “Keep up the pace!”
    Yakov: “My god…”
    My rucksack kept tapping my back while I sprinted with my semi-automatic rifle. The rifle I once held so long does not matter to me anymore. Angela’s people had treated me decently even though I was a prisoner back then. Their military offered me a better weapon. Grasping onto it, this firearm surely was a rightful successor of the one I used in the war. Running up the steep hill, I quickly crouched on top to see the view. Pulling the binoculars out of my case, I observed a tiny village occupied by several trucks with armed Ursans. They were misbehaving towards the orcish elves more than those who were not of their descent.
    Andropov: “Tch! Conscripts...”
    My brows tensed. Yakov came in second.
    Andropov: “Your troops doing good?”
    He looked down for a moment, with eyes of frustration.
    Yakov: “Bah, how many of us will come back alive? Even so, the commander would be better-”
    Andropov: “Yakov.”
    I shot an irritated look at him.
    Yakov: “...Yes, sergeant.”
    This is the last time he would ever mention him. I frowned even more at the Crimsons barging into the homes. Judging by his blue visor cap, the SUA officer shook his head at the army officer and shortly chatted. He then gave orders. Right when the conscripts started rounding up the men, an hooded elf dashed out of the farthest house away from the village while he grasped his stomach with one arm. He seemed to be wounded. Yakov starts to point out.
    Yakov: “Is it worth saving his life? …No, wait.”
    His dark torn uniform with a copper badge was one of the most recognizable attributes.
    Andropov: “Must’ve left him behind.”
    He headed right towards us without knowing we were there. At any minute, saving that survivor will cost all of our lives.
    Yakov: “Sergeant, should I take a shot?”
    No words came out of my mouth. The officer then discovered the elf and ordered the troops to capture him. One of the armed agents with a rifle carefully aimed at the running elf.
    Yakov: “Sergeant!”
    CRACK! He immediately dropped to the ground, but started crawling. The bloody leg would not save his life. Two agents that wore khaki uniforms dragged the elf away. The leading agent with a dark green uniform grabbed his pistol.
    Andropov: “Dig deeper, dig deeper!”
    Our heads sunk to the ground as close as possible. Not a single private of our squad would waste their lives saving one lone insurgent. I slowly peaked above. The officer was observing the whole area, inspecting if there were any rescuers.
    SUA Officer: “I know some of you terrorists are still hiding out there. Turn yourselves in, and everyone in the village will be spared.”
    He didn’t seem to discover our positions. The women and the children desperately fought to bring back their relatives.
    Andropov: It’s no use. They’re done for.
    Yakov just snorted in sarcasm.
    Yakov: “Tch! Do we really have to turn ourselves in?”
    We would not be the only ones going after the missile. The enchanted insurgents must have planned their objective before they revolted in Medved. Seconds have passed. The officer aimed his pistol right at the elf’s head. The insurgent said nothing, as if he was ready to accept his fate. Click. POW! A couple women shrieked. The moment his head sank into the ground, the SUA officer put his pistol into the holster and marched off.
    SUA Officer: “We’re leaving!”
    After calling the army officer, the Crimsons immediately hurried to the trucks and all of them drove away. The male villagers hurried back to their wives and cried. A few orcish elves started their prayers towards the lifeless elf.
    Yakov: “Whatever happened to the goblins?”
    Andropov: “Nature reserves. Better for them to stay in allied regions than live in the occupied zones.”
    Yakov: “If you say so, sergeant.”
    Andropov: “The map, Yakov."
    Yakov: “Here.”
    Spreading out his map, I carefully scanned the coordinates whether we were getting near or not. My finger pointed at the red mark, then shortly dragged diagonally into one of the hills. I tapped at the map.
    Yakov: “About a ten minute walk.”
    Andropov: “We’ll find a different path.”
    As I made a new objective, we headed for another route to avoid being seen.
    Yakov: “What do you think of the village, sergeant?”
    Andropov: “That place won’t last long.”
    Yakov: “Why, you think it’d be a sanctuary for the insurgents?
    Andropov: “The officer sent no warning to the villagers.”
    I gritted my teeth as I began sprinting.
    Andropov: It’s a sign. They’re going to be used as an example.

    To Be Continued…
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