Please Bring Back L100 set Honor PvP at Endgame Cinco, and Create New Honor Map 2v2
Hello cinco I have something to say:

1. Bring back Honor PvP at endgame with L100 set Honor, can you bring back the glory of game with 'set honor' at endgame level 115 . Please make 'regular honor set level 100' usable as before (before update) by level 115 players. And let 'elite honor set level 105' stay for 'elite honor map' not 'regular honor map' . It's just that it is limited per level 100 to levels above it cannot use 'honor set level below 100', for example level 100+ (115) players are not allowed to use 'honor set level 30' on the 'regular honor map' '. Because in my opinion the most active pvp at that time (before the update) was 'honor pvp' , therefore please return and fix it, i hope so much.

2. Please make a 2v2 pvp honor map