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    Quote Originally Posted by Fwend View Post
    From my understanding for the Halloween event The Haunted Castle map no pets or vanity bonuses apply in that map to avoid the warlock.

    Gauntlet based maps for events where intended to be the same with no vanity pets into effect when originally created, however as the game progressed and more new set vanity and pets where added to the game, some of those bonuses where not taken out of the gauntlet maps.

    So some pet bonuses actually do work and all the other ones do not. You really have to test each pet to see if your stats increase when worn or when the proc takes into effect whilst in the event zone itself. You can also ask others experiences on game and what they have discovered.
    Thanks for answering! It would be beneficial to players to have some kind of a rule set for this - Devs? Official Thread?

    Also any word on whether Amethrax Max recipe is available as an event drop? or is it going to be added to the Post Event Vendor? I think we would all like to craft our new pet! If post event will it be for tokens or to buy with gold/platinum?

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    Could you please put the recipe anthrax max on sale with tokens please

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    Could you please do an extension again? Event was great and all but not very fair to those of us who actually have to get up and work full time; there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to actually spend time on leveling. Since the fast cap is over you need to make it easier to level up for those of us playing “casually.” Thank you!!

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