I am merchant in the dying game of SL! With so few people online at one time I figured I'd drop a list of items I am selling here, and give more people a chance to see them even when I'm offline!!

VANITY: Rover Mk4, Droid mini Mk1, S.P.I.K.E, Bugsy Capone, Thunder Hammer, Agents Bow, Furious Eye Patch, Elite 6 Sets, Survival Kits (black) and (Grey), Green/Gold Shirts, The Golden Robot, Rocketeer Helmet, Prototype X1 Helmet, Mode Sergeants Helmet, Holograph Rectilinear visors and GRD1 visors

GEAR: Operative SE chest 12 dodge, Commando SE chest 11 health/second, Scorn Dragon Eyes+160damage, Soloist Implants 50/55/60 damage-130/140/150(max) Health-65/70 armor

Elixers in stacks of 100 ONLY!! All 3x and 5x Elixers!

Find me ingame under Shamelessness! Thank you, will also respond here as I see others comment!