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Thread: Suggestion for mod machine

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    Default Suggestions for mod machine

    1. Remove flashing when mod, i come to mod not to get blinded
    2. Have an option where we can maybe go back to our previous 5 mods (this can cost plat or in game credits to do)
    3. Items that you have hearted , shouldnt be allowed to remod unless you unheart them
    4. Separate the plat mod button and the credits mod button, its easy to misclick and tap the other
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    Pocket Legends have a enchantment system that make you able to "lock slot" to save this mod while modding the others slots.

    This system could be Implemented in SL as a "pay to lock system".
    For exemple the players would farm a specific item ( the key mod) for lock one slot. the players could receive this item from events as leaderboard prize(it would be extra item for top players not the actual prize) or daily quest prizes.

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    This was a nice suggestion. Some of us accidentally clicked plat button and the mod was re rolled again even though the last roll was great or re rolling with credits. And those flashes was annoying the most. So if this fixed, most players will use that machine most.

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