Personally , Since I started PL , the tiers grind is WAY TOO MUCH in context too all 4 sts games . The loop running same map for atleast 2-3 days constant and then to find team to run with is too much personally . I do not think anyone would disagree . It should have been easier tier grinding similar to AL . While AL community is 1000x bigger in size than PL to even have all time random teams to do , thus to have kept tiers points grinding either easy or lowered more .

If there is xp orbs drop , these events should be given good amount of xp orb drops . I did 50k score hardly any xp orbs it dropped for me and none at 5k xp orb . Always either 150 or 200 .

Also , Not sure why every token item is char bound . Its too much problematic for those who do not buy platinum . Could have provided sometimes tradeable sets for this much hard grind . Since I heard every token item is character bound which is really not good .

Otherwise it is an amazing game , kinda community , very helpful players . Loving it so far !