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    Default Return to Picnic Pastures! Fourth of July "Protect the BBQ Event!"

    Event runs June 22nd through July 6th.

    Alterra's Independence Day Event Returns!
    Name:  pl_july_4th_post_banner_01.jpg
Views: 1031
Size:  77.4 KB
    Time to celebrate with BBQ, American Flags, and awesome new vanity items!

    Host or Join "Picnic Pastures" Fourth of July Event Zone to Play
    Note: you can "Force Start" if you Host the zone with a password
    'Protection' Style Event: keep at least one (1) BBQ from being destroyed to win!
    Collect event tokens from monsters and by winning the scenario
    Talk to "Freedom XL" in Balefort Castle to spend your event tokens on bound vanities

    Trade-friendly for Platinum
    Bound for Event Tokens

    Old Glory Banner
    Name:  pl_july_4th_banner_old_glory.jpg
Views: 1015
Size:  37.5 KB
    This banner gives you +15% Gold Loot!

    Free Captain's Bicorne
    Name:  pl_july_4th_free_captain_vanity_set.jpg
Views: 1015
Size:  47.0 KB
    Also shown: the Free Captain's Red Revolvers

    Freedom Fighter's Shield
    Name:  pl_july_4th_shield_freedom_fighter.jpg
Views: 997
Size:  17.2 KB
    Freedom Fighter's Shield Proc:
    On damage taken: +100 STR, DEX, INT, +100% Gold Loot for 10 Sec.

    Wings of Freedom
    Name:  pl_july_4th_free_captain_vanity_set_02.jpg
Views: 1013
Size:  40.4 KB
    Also shown: the Free Captain's Blue Revolvers

    "Freedom Wings" Vanity Set Bonus
    Wear with the Free Captain's Bicorne and the Free Captain's Revolvers (Red or Blue)
    to get 2X Armor, 3X Speed, and +25% Luck (in PvE)!


    Freedom Crest Badge
    There is no trade-friendly option for this Badge:
    Name:  pl_july_4th_badge_freedom_crest.jpg
Views: 999
Size:  15.7 KB
    Got 10K Tokens? Nice!
    Buy this sweet badge for your Legend!!

    Golden Modern Military Vanity Weapons
    Name:  pl_july_4th_gold_weapons.jpg
Views: 1011
Size:  34.1 KB
    Each of these gives +25% Gold Loot

    The Golden Eagle Pet
    Name:  pl_july_4th_pet_golden_eagle.jpg
Views: 997
Size:  21.2 KB
    3X Speed (in PvE)!
    Chance to proc 3X Experience, +100% Gold when you do damage!

    The Free Captain's Blue / Red Revolvers
    Name:  pl_july_4th_revolvers_blue_red.jpg
Views: 996
Size:  18.7 KB
    Part of the "Freedom Wings" vanity set!
    Wear the Wings of Freedom with the Free Captain's Bicorne, and the Free Captain's Revolvers (Red or Blue) for 2X Armor, 3X Speed, and +25% Luck (in PvE)!

    Mythical Level 115 Equipment
    Realm Keys
    Experience Kits (up to 20K)
    and the "Locked Badge of Freedom" Crate

    The Locked Badge of Freedom
    Opens for 5 Platinum or Crate Keys
    Name:  pl_july_4th_crate.jpg
Views: 996
Size:  22.7 KB
    Chance for July 4th Event Badges, Golden Weapon Items, the Golden Eagle Pet, Elixirs, Makeup Kits, and Realm Keys!

    These deluxe Fourth of July Event Badges can be looted from the locked crate:
    Name:  pl_july_4th_badge_american_crest.jpg
Views: 990
Size:  19.3 KB
    Name:  pl_july_4th_badge_american_crest_info.jpg
Views: 992
Size:  16.6 KB

    Name:  pl_july_4th_badge_liberty_bell_crest.jpg
Views: 999
Size:  21.3 KB
    Name:  pl_july_4th_badge_liberty_bell_crest_info.jpg
Views: 992
Size:  16.8 KB

    About Trade-Friendly Badge Packs:
    If you're lucky enough to loot one of the aforementioned trade-friendly Badge packs
    you can open the pack to grant the Badge to your Character

    You can also stash this pack to open on your most patriotic Legend
    (or auction it off, or trade it to a friend)

    Hope you have a Happy Fourth of July weekend, Legends!
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