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Thread: Return to Picnic Pastures! Fourth of July event this year

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    Default Return to Picnic Pastures! Fourth of July event this year

    Thank your for return of the 4th of July event this year.

    Those who missed out on the event last year will appreciate getting the items this year around, especially the Old Glory Banner which awards you +15% Gold Loot.

    Would you consider adding Red, white and blue themed vanity items to the The Locked Badge of Freedom Crates. Such as:

    Pa's Lucky Memorial Cap
    A very exclusive cap during Memorial Day 2012
    Name:  PAa 2.jpg
Views: 404
Size:  6.3 KB

    The Uncle Sam Vest
    Name:  pl_july_4_uncle_sam_set_bonus.JPG
Views: 409
Size:  55.6 KB

    The Centurion of Liberty
    Name:  Screenshot_2023.06.10_09.00.06.506.png
Views: 405
Size:  72.5 KB

    The Freedom Star Eye Patch
    Name:  Screenshot_2023.06.10_08.57.25.756.png
Views: 401
Size:  62.3 KB

    The Blue Trail of Freedom
    The Red Trail of Freedom
    The White Trail of Freedom
    Name:  Screenshot_2023.06.10_08.57.43.706.png
Views: 402
Size:  85.0 KB

    The addition of these cool vanity items in the locked freedom crates will generate buzz and income for STS. Please consider these awesome event related items to the crates. Thank you.

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    They’ve got to add some new stuff this recoloring bs is getting old, FAST

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    Hmmmm, as much as I would have to say I agree that adding some exclusive rare items to the crates will help generate buzz and more revenue for STS this event I personally do not agree that we should bring back older items... Doing this in my opinion ruins the integrity of collecting in PL, which is basically the only aspect left to the game at this point in time.

    If there is not enough time/money/demand to work on new items for the crates I would have to agree with Sunny that maybe adding a suuuper rare drop to them will help create more interest this event.... Maybe a SUPER rare Red / pink / Green PAS
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    Can't wait for the event , it's been a while
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    If sts wants to make money then they should add some extra items in hollow crates as i said in my post before this
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    Doing this in my opinion ruins the integrity of collecting in PL, which is basically the only aspect left to the game at this point in time.

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