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    Default Tournament

    I think we need this kind of activity for every zone level, i mean for twinks or even lvl 81.


    Number of teams participating(partial count) -8

    Terms: Each team must have atleast 2-3 participants every class which is (Warriors, Rogues, Mages)
    Delayed entering the said nor there is a missing player in the game time will result of being automatically disqualified in the said game. The game must consists of 4 players - (2warrior, 4 mages, 4 rogues) a total of 10 players per team. the team who can't obliged to the said agreement, will be automatically lose the game.

    Each team must be paying the said amount for the registration fee, the payments will serve as the ticket to the tournament, and will also be the prizes for the entire game.

    Borrowing of - (Items, Pets, Locations, etc) of the said player will be automatically disqualified in the game, and be replaced by the reserve player of the same class.

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    Only 2 points.
    1. In AL u do tournaments manually.
    2. PvP doesnt give STS $.

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