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    Default Login rewards issue

    Hi, this is not in reference to problems with WIFI connectivity but rather a Login Rewards issue. My charcter's name is Ummmyea and I have claimed several login rewards. Many have been for crafting slots and i still have the original 5 slots i purchased with story tokens before the change. The login rewards for additional crafting slots have not been applied after i have claimed them. There have been several of them that have not been applied. i hope to have this issue resolved as it has been going on since the login rewards have started months ago. My apologies for posting here as i am new here and could not find where to actually start a new thread for technical issues. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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    I took a look at this and the login reward data looks correct as far as what it gives out.

    You may be confusing crafting slots (which affect the number of items you can craft at once) with crafting inventory slots (which affect the number of crafting components you can hold in your inventory).


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