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Thread: Red sun pirate collection

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    Default Red sun pirate collection

    long over due. Again Concepts on what could be brought to the game so it not only saves a lot of time. But gives players a chance to new vanities. Somthing to actually be excited about.

    I have done these concepts for cinco before in DL, I hope I could transfer it here. And hopefully it would be just as helpful.

    1 is the Pirate Operator set

    2nd is the engineer pirate set

    3rd commando pirate set

    4th, pets. Can't go wrong with these

    And lastly the one that would be perfect
    As a set piece is this boss. "RED BEARD MCGRIEG" his eye piece would be absolutly awesome, his Beard, jesus even his head as a whole could be a vanity just by how majestic he looks,

    Finally his armor piece. The metallic arm.

    I mean come on.. This what I'm talking about where the money starts flushing in.
    You have this already made there is no reason why it can't be in future events or in shops this year.

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    The pet is interesting.

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