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Thread: New Valentine's Items Suggestions! Outfits, Headware, Back Vanity and Banners!

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    Lightbulb New Valentine's Items Suggestions! Outfits, Headware, Back Vanity and Banners!

    Hello Developers!!

    We would like to suggest these NEW ITEMS for future Valentine's Day Event!
    These are compilation of suggestions made by random players, we hope you'll love it and consider adding them in game

    • Valentine's Crop Sets
    • Valentine's Toga (White, Sapphire, Emerald, Yellow, Amethyst, Deep Blue, Ruby, Dark Red, Onyx)

    Name:  2024010616134650.jpg
Views: 376
Size:  1.08 MB

    Name:  2024010615365438.jpg
Views: 370
Size:  1.11 MB

    Name:  2024010615071594.jpg
Views: 372
Size:  1.41 MB

    Name:  2024010614541193.jpg
Views: 366
Size:  1.35 MB

    Name:  pixlr_20240106191616762.jpg
Views: 373
Size:  5.19 MB

    Name:  pixlr_20240106191825856.jpg
Views: 366
Size:  5.27 MB

    Name:  pixlr_20240106191921246.jpg
Views: 370
Size:  5.06 MB

    • Valentine's Heart Halo Flower Crown
    • Valentine's Heart Crown/Tiara
    • Cupid's Headware
    • Halo (Angelic Halo, Oceanic Halo, Dark Halo)

    Name:  pixlr_20240106184054669.jpg
Views: 359
Size:  4.24 MB

    Name:  pixlr_20240106184135267.jpg
Views: 360
Size:  4.29 MB

    Name:  2024010315214916.jpg
Views: 344
Size:  119.9 KB

    Name:  2024010314540467.jpg
Views: 341
Size:  78.2 KB

    Name:  pixlr_20240106184258441.jpg
Views: 352
Size:  5.26 MB

    • Cupid's Quiver Bagpack
    • Valentine's Teddy Bear (small or medium size)
    • Valentine's Flower Bouquet

    Name:  pixlr_20240106184505116.jpg
Views: 361
Size:  9.38 MB

    Name:  pixlr_20240106184349592.jpg
Views: 356
Size:  6.75 MB

    Name:  pixlr_20240106184420405.jpg
Views: 339
Size:  6.97 MB

    Name:  pixlr_20240106184605671.jpg
Views: 340
Size:  6.31 MB

    • Endless Hearts Banner (Hearts popping up above)
    • Valentine's Heart Banner
    • Valentine's Balloon Banner

    Name:  pixlr_20240106190603945.jpg
Views: 347
Size:  9.15 MB

    Name:  pixlr_20240106184724800.jpg
Views: 332
Size:  5.79 MB

    Name:  2024010510523150.jpg
Views: 316
Size:  733.2 KB

    Name:  pixlr_20240108194549421.jpg
Views: 311
Size:  8.24 MB
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    Great suggestions @Innovation, perfectly fits the Valentine theme. Hope to see many new items in game future wise. 👍🩷

    Guild:-Yrs Of Living Dangerously~Game Politics

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    These r so cute!!
    Great ideas

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    These are Amazing!!!
    Great work. I really hope the Devs and Staff consider this.
    These would look sooooo hot and has great flex as well. Fashion is always hot in DL!!!!!

    I like the back bling especially as well as the carnation crown and the heart tiara/crown.
    Pleade take some of this into consideration DL!!

    In addition the heart zombie mini boss can we have a 'cupid boss and aphrodite boss' with a special elixir by purchase for chance of summoning them? They can have a chance to drop special items as well as a chance to spawn randomly throughout old town.

    The old town hotel can be transformed into a 'blood heart hotel' or 'lonely heart hotel' and maybe a special boss for a platinum room key access? I'd pay for that!!!! Maybe a rare pet drop like a blood dripping heart or trail of hearts pet.

    I'd also drop $120 platinum immediately for sure.
    Additionally, if they could bring back Hemo Giger set with it then man just take my money DL haha!!!!!!

    So many great ideas and a potential for something special this year!
    Thank you for looking at this post at least Spacetime Studios, we always appreciate!!!!

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    yes it's great

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