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    Default Can the ToS of the game be updated and more transparent

    It really doesn't need to be written as if we are in a court room with lawyers figuring out whats against the ToS and whats allowed in order to play a game without getting banned for something thats not even listed as against the ToS.

    Just make a thread titled "Arcane Legends Rules"
    1. Don't buy accounts or share accounts with anyone, your account is your account; no one else should have access to this ever. Not your friend, not your brother or sister, not your cousin.
    2. Don't buy or sell gold, items, in game names, tasks, or anything that can't fit inside a trade window.
    It is ok to sell rare boss aps but not pvp kills. Explain more into detail on this stuff.
    3. Using any sort of auto clicker or macro on the game to get an advantage or autofarm for you. Self explanatory.
    4. Plat farming, exploiting the free plat offers to get infinite plat.
    5. Scamming - Tricking or lying to a player about a trade swapping items or gold amount mid trade, offering a service in which you don't plan to complete upon receiving items or gold such as putting a player bound jewel into another player's item. Gifting players through the gift menu will not be looked at as a scam, lend gears and items at your own risk.

    So on... the ToS we currently have doesn't even mention whats allowed to be sold outside a trade window. It doesn't even say anything about pvp dummy farming.

    The amount of people who pm me about bans saying "Oh I did nothing wrong unban me"... The thing they did wrong isn't listed in the ToS, and yes I ignore them after pasting a link to the support website page for sts. People still message me even though I say "Don't message me about bans I am not a dev."

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    The bad thing friend is when you telling open the truth, you become you the bad!
    Is how things work.
    Other people can say smal lies or half of the truth with beautiful words and be the good.
    The game has always missing information in describing of items , makings some "mistakes", mistakes that presented as bugs that most times is things that you pay to get.
    From my 30 year experience in working with multiple people, and multiple of jobs I can tell you this.
    The devs don't make the rules, they might can affect a tiny amount of the given to them rules.
    Most cases is a supervisor in a high position that has no idea about games , for him the rules is another job, 1 task.....

    This days now we live the common people believes that anything that not has rules is allowed!!
    Tell them to make stronger the rules will victimize you, and the others will say oooh is the dictator.

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    Great post! And 100% agree with this. Sts make sure you put a heavy emphasis on Market Manipulation, Gold Buying/ Selling, Ign Buying/Selling, and *Pvp Que Manipulation*!

    Lmao I really don’t understand how a certain Parasite is still thriving in this game.

    Cinco I hope its starting become clear why really I don’t play and support your game anymore. But I’m not mad at you or your Dev Team because of any of this. And like I said before no regrets on about $40K spent in this game, and always appreciated when you guys took the time to listen, and sometimes use some of my ideas.

    It's just sadly disappointing… As an American watching this happen to an American Company…Watching this Parasite run your game into the gutter. Ofc…I mean this in most respectful way possible!
    And this is my last post on these forums. ✌️♥️

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    This is on the list of things to do.


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