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    Exclamation More Trading Space

    Items have overpassed 50-100b now and we can only trade 4 items, i dont see how it will affect the economy i just think it'll prevent a lot of scams etc. Can we please have more space in the trade window? 10 items shouldn't be a problem.

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    The real question is what is causing these inflated prices -.-

    Current methods are just stacks of double boss potions, elite awakes and jewels. The weirdest ones I personally seen are stacks of pet eggs (just be careful of eggzavier)

    I understand that the 50b/100b are most likely the old LB sets, and if you are still getting scammed, I honestly don't know what to say.

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    I think I made the UI layout change already, just need to up the number of allowable items during trade.

    When Gold Bars are released, we'll up the trade space to 6 items. Gold Bars will be releasing very soon, the only thing holding us up is the backend tracking and that is actively underway.


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