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Thread: PVP 86 Rouge

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    Default PVP 86 Rouge

    Can anyone suggest a loadout, gear and pets for rouge

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    I can't say exactly what rogues use but the hardest ones to deal with are fast. They can escape and rj while I'm in cd. You want at least the 3 of 6 starbeast but 6 of 6 is better. Hard to be fast with 6 of 6 though. Pets depend on your play but if you can get it crypt is a good base pet. If not then pick one that stuns, buffs you or debuffs your opponent. Morph, arc saph, poku, breeze, Barkley (whatever that scoobie one is called) etc. Meph and glow are still then most common aa. Happiness you would need to ask an actual rogue but Polar and ghostly are popular.

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