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Thread: I loved this game and community

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    Default I loved this game and community

    I remember when I got my first smart phone it being the OG Samsung Galaxy In 2010. I scoured the app store through and found this game and was instantly completely hooked. I was nearing adulthood living a very carefree life and connected to incredible people across the world. I cannot precisely remember a singular moment, all i can remember was talking to newfound friends for hours on end without a care in the world and having an absolute blast. We had Kik-Chat groups and we continued our friendship outside the game and I can honestly say that a lot of you I considered to be real friends.

    But life goes on and as it happens so often people and their focus In life changes over time. I started to dislike having Kik Messenger on my Phone as the app began to get a shady reputation and without a way to communicate as most of us had moved on from the game we just weren't in contact anymore.

    Still I sometimes wonder how you guys are doing. Are you happy? I hope you are. Do you also sometimes reminisce our times together over 10 years ago as I do?

    Anyways as I do not have a better way to leave a bookmark than these forums so I'd appreciate the thread not be deleted. I'd want to reconnect to at least to the ones that want to connect back to me. My username on Reddit is the same (without the additional "not") and I'm an active lurker there. I hope at least some of you amazing people from the past see this bookmark and want to catch up. Please do no delete this thread. Just lock it if you deem it necessary.

    ~ Larry

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    It's heart-warming to see others reminisce and think about the game, its makers and friends they met along the way.

    Yes, it has been over a decade and many as teenagers are now adults and have transitioned and moved on with their lives.

    Now and again when you log in you might be lucky and meet an old friend from the past. Catching up like nothing had changed in friendship except the years and how much you have done over all these years.

    There have been many social apps that players have used in the past Kik, Kakao, Line now the most popular application is Discord.

    You will find the game is very advanced now, Level 115 Campaign. So many events and new vanity items and pets. Only now the direction of the game is firm and we get seasonal and events and updates with bug fixes , just nothing new.

    It is difficult for older players to accept the direction of the game and unfortunately many voice their displeasure of the makers , the game and as well as blaming others.

    But I do see and meet many returning players who have not experienced all events and some newer players making the most of events and capping to level 115. These are the players who do actually play daily and still enjoy the game.

    Many have nostalgia of how the game was back then and all the players, and for that very reason still log on occasionally and just check in and see how much quieter the game is now.

    You can still enjoy the game if you choose to and make your own fun. But please do come on game and who knows you might bump into an old friend from the past.

    I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.
    -Helen Keller

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    My Dude! Great to hear from you! crazy azz Fin
    Should I make a guide on how to be nostalgic ? hehhehhhhehh

    Like you, I quit most social media, specifically line & disc as they can key log and store info on unsecured servers
    You gonna make me make a Reddit acc? Dam, H said he lurks there too…

    Nevertheless I been here, just to maybe see couple old fam-
    Like I sometimes randomly rarely connect w H & T, in game or forum here, both seem good if not great

    Side note, the game wipes your friends list after so long, that’s why you don’t see us there

    Ain’t seen Cheen forever or El
    I assume Vic is in prison for many horrible things X’D

    \m/,____( >. < )________,\m/

    Chivalrous Union

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