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    Default Can adjust centipede gun position and rotation?


    Here is a photo of the current position and rotation viewed from the side.
    Name:  20240531_042938.jpg
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    It seems that there are 2 problems here:
    1) the gun is facing upwards instead of being horizontally aligned (parallel to the floor)
    2) because of 1), the left hand does not reach the gun handle. Also, the right hand is floating instead of supporting the gun.

    And here is what I'd like it to be (sry for the bad edit I'm on phone lol)
    Name:  Picsart_24-05-31_04-57-34-386.png
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    So it looks like the gun needs to be rotated a bit and lifted up as well to allow the hands to reach the correct position.


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    This has been adjusted if you patch.

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